Origio Introduces EmbryoGen® - the world?s first IVF medium with natural growth factor documenting a 44% increased chance of success!


At ESHRE 2011 in Stockholm ORIGIO will introduce the new product EmbryoGen® – the  first IVF medium with GM-CSF growth factor.

Headline results for GM-CSF study:

The GM-CSF study showed an overall increase in the ongoing implantation rate of 15.7% (p=0.17) in week 7 (primary endpoint) and 20.0% (p=0.02) in week 12. 

For  women who have previously experienced miscarriage, the GM-CSF study showed a statistically significant increase in the ongoing implantation rate of 44.1% (p=0.001) in week 7 and 40.6% (p=0.003) in week 12.

More details about the development of EmbryoGen at: 

For further information, please contact Estar Technologies at +972-3-5596414.